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Our Company Policy regarding the professional working conditions implemented by our organization, the attention it shows to customer satisfaction, its modern understanding of responsibility and the services it has been providing for years are as follows:

  • To provide quality services that meet the demands and expectations of our customers, to increase customer satisfaction by providing pre-sales and after-sales support,
  • To fully fulfill the requirements of our management systems that enable us to be a leading organization in all our fields of activity and to ensure continuous improvement of their effectiveness,
  • To ensure the compliance and continuity of our services with customer demands, national and international standards and legal regulations,
  • Increasing personnel satisfaction and competencies for a sustainable workforce,
  • To protect the environment and natural resources while continuing our activities,
  • By ensuring the participation of all our employees, doing all the work the first time and on time, every time,
  • To prepare an environment where our employees can carry out honest, tolerant, respectful and devoted work in a team spirit for continuous training, development and improvement,
  • To carry out activities to convey the confidentiality of customer and personnel information to all employees and to protect the confidentiality principle